Advances in Human-Computer Interaction / 2011 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

An XML Approach of Coding a Morphological Database for Arabic Language

Table 2

Words analyzed using ElixirFM.

The wordMorphological analysis using ElixirFM

صِفْرٌ [Sifrun]FiCL-un noun, singular, nominative, indefinite
خَارِجُونَ [xArijUna]FāCiL-ūna adjective, masculine, plural, nominative, indefinite
مُرْتَدِّي [murtaddI]muFtaCL-ī noun, plural, genitive, reduced/construct
فُصِلْتُ [fuSiltu]FuCiL-tu perfective verb, passive, first person, singular
أُخْرِجْتُمَا [euxrijtumA]uFCiL-tumā perfective verb, passive, second person, dual
مَعَ [maca]inflected preposition, accusative
أَمَامَ [eamAma]FaCāL-a inflected preposition, accusative
العَاشِرَ [ealcA ira]al-FāCiL-a adjective, masculine, singular, accusative, definite
بِهِمَا [bihimA]This word is divided into “bi” and “himA”
يُجَادِلُونَ [yujAdilUna]yu-FāCiL-ūna imperfective verb, indicative, active, third person, masculine, plural

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