Table 6: MC2 section. Matrix of probability of mutual influence among environmental factors.

Day, eastw. yes signNight, eastw. yes signDay, eastw. no signNight, eastw. no signDay, westw. yes signNight, westw. yes signDay, westw. no signNight, westw. no sign

Day, eastw. yes sign0.0620.1300.0330.8540.0310.8110.053
Night, eastw. yes sign0.0020.1700.0010.5650.0950.499
Day, eastw. no sign0.0020.0150.0040.0130.000
Night, eastw. no sign0.0010.7360.0461.000
Day, westw. yes sign0.0020.9250.002
Night, westw. yes sign0.8180.093
Day, westw. no sign0.042
Night, westw. no sign