Table 1: Event categories for the system dimension.

System-related event

FunctionalityAn event is related to prototype’s functionality when it is the result of the user activating a control item and it is related to one specific action.
Layout/UIAn event is related to layout/UI when the user makes a wrong assumption about what a control does, or when the user does not know how to do something (negative events). It is also a layout/UI positive event when a user appreciates the design (figures, attempts, colors, etc.) or having specific information displayed.
GameflowAn event that is caused not by a single specific interaction, but as a consequence of the game sequences interactions and outputs and the specific gameplay design of the game.
ContentA content event is related to text blurbs and other forms of textual information provided by the game.
Technical errorA technical error event is related to a nonintentional glitch in the system that must be corrected.
NonapplicableWhen the event is not related to the system and/or not prompted by a system behavior.
OtherAn event that is related to the system, but does not match any of the above (this suggests that a new category is needed).