Table 1: An overview of common MRP systems appearing in the literature.

MRP systemCommercialIntended application areaAdjustable heightManipulation/expressionsNavigation/sensorsSelected references

PRoPNoResearchNoLaser pointer, 2 DOF hand/armNo[7, 8]
QBYesOfficeYesLaser pointerMotion sensors for platform stabilization[10, 11, 17]
TexaiNoOfficeNoNoLaser-range finders, bumper[12]
VGoYesOfficeNoHandheld remote for local controlCliff sensor[15, 17, 18]
MantaroBot ClassicYesOfficeYesLaser pointerInfrared obstacle detection, tip detection using three accelerometers[19]
MantaroBot TeleMeYesOfficeNoLaser pointerInfrared obstacle detection, tip detection using three accelerometers[19]
DoubleYesUnspecifiedYes motorizedNoGyroscope and accelerometer for balance. Kick-stands when static.[20]
mObiNoResearchNoNoKick-stands for safety.[21]
Jazz ConnectYesOfficeNoNoObstacle detection. 8 ultrasonic sensors, 4 IR sensors, and high-end 30 m range telemetric laser for autonomous navigation (optional)[22, 23]
iRobot AvaYesHealthcareYesYesLaser, Sonar, 2D/3D imaging for autonomous navigation, Cliff sensor, and contact bumper. Omnidirectional navigation[24]
9th Sense Helo and TeloYesUnspecifiedNoNoNo, but ports for peripherals are available.[25]
RP-7YesHealthcareNoNoOmnidirectional navigation. Obstacle detection via + 30 infrared sensors[26, 27]
MeBotNoResearchNo3 DOF arms and 3 DOF neckObstacle and cliff detection[28]