Table 1: Datasets used in the fits and their corresponding use in the analysis. Column 1 provides the tag for the data. Column 2 references the description in Section 3.2. Column 3 lists the relevant oscillation process. Column 4 lists which datasets are included in the neutrino versus antineutrino analyses and column 5 lists which datasets are included in the appearance versus disappearance study.

TagSectionProcess versus App versus Dis

LSND3.2.1 App
KARMEN3.2.1 App
KARMEN/LSND( )3.2.1 Dis
BNB-MB( )3.2.2 App
BNB-MB( )3.2.2 App
NuMI-MB( )3.2.2 App
BNB-MB( )3.2.2 Dis
NOMAD3.2.3 App
CCFR843.2.3 Dis
CDHS3.2.3 Dis
Bugey3.2.4 Dis
Gallium3.2.4 Dis
MINOS-CC3.2.5 Dis
ATM3.2.5 Dis