Review Article

Searching for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of 130Te with CUORE

Figure 4

(a) The CUORE-0 tower inside a glove box during its assembly. (b) Base temperatures of the functioning CUORE-0 crystals, as calculated from the measured resistances of their thermistors in conjunction with and values previously determined in thermistor characterization studies (see Section 2). It should be mentioned that there is good evidence that a thermistor’s - behavior can be modified by mechanical stresses caused by its glue-spot connections to the crystal, and this effect could be responsible in part for the seemingly erratic distribution of detector temperatures. (c) Energy resolution (FWHM) of each detector channel, determined from calibrations performed regularly during March–September 2013. The mean energy resolution in the calibration data is 6.8 keV, and the median is 6.0 keV.