Review Article

Searching for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of 130Te with CUORE

Figure 8

(a) Projected CUORE 1 sensitivity to the half-life of decay of 130Te as a function of detector livetime. The solid green line shows the sensitivity for the target background rate of 0.01 counts/keV/kg/y, while the dashed blue line shows a speculative future scenario in which the background is ten times lower. (b) The corresponding 1 sensitivity to effective Majorana mass versus the lightest neutrino mass after five years of detector livetime. The spread in the projected CUORE bands arises from uncertainties in calculations of the nuclear matrix elements used to convert a measured half-life into an effective Majorana mass. The green band labeled denotes the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy while the red band labeled indicates the normal mass hierarchy. For both, the darker inner bands represent regions allowed by the best-fit neutrino oscillation parameters in the PMNS matrix, while the lighter outer bands extend to 3 coverage. Both figures are from [23].