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Neutrino Masses and Oscillations 2015

Publishing date
05 Feb 2016
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18 Sep 2015

1Pisa University and INFN Pisa, Pisa, Italy

2Padua University and INFN Padova, Padova, Italy

3Columbia University New York, New York, USA

4Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India

5Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Neutrino Masses and Oscillations 2015


This new edition of the special issue on Neutrino Masses and Oscillations will appear two years after the first one.

Important progress in the field has taken place since 2013 with precise measurements of sin2θ13 and other oscillation parameters. These measurements, as well as long baseline accelerator projects and reactor projects expected in the future, make the prospects of the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy, the octant of the mixing angle θ23, and the CP violating parameters in the neutrino sector extremely promising. This gains even more prominence since 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the discovery of CP violation in the quark sector.

Advances have also been seen in searches for neutrinoless double-beta decay, and more stringent limits on the effective mass of Majorana neutrinos have been reported.

Sensitive experiments aimed at direct measurements of electron antineutrinos emitted in beta decay are in operation or are being built. They open the possibility of actually measuring the electron antineutrino mass, or constraining it with stringent upper limits.

The subject of neutrino mass acquires a bigger interest after the discovery of the Higgs boson which confirmed several aspects of the standard model. However, in their present formulation, neutrinos are massless, contrary to their small masses as inferred by oscillation experiments. Some models link this smallness to the existence of very heavy mass states, thus probing a much higher mass scale. The issues of neutrino mass and of lepton number violation therefore are probes for physics beyond the standard model.

The recent observation of geoneutrinos provides a new tool for geophysicists. Two experiments have placed constraints on the radiogenic power in the Earth and a new interdisciplinary field is emerging.

We invite researchers in this field to contribute their articles to this new special issue. These can be original research articles or reviews of either experimental or theoretical nature.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct neutrino mass measurements
  • Neutrino oscillations at nuclear reactors
  • Neutrino oscillations at accelerators
  • Atmospheric neutrino oscillations
  • Solar neutrino oscillations
  • Neutrino masses and oscillations in astrophysics and cosmology
  • Global analyses of neutrino oscillations
  • Neutrino mass hierarchy
  • CP violation in the neutrino sector
  • Theoretical issues in neutrino oscillations
  • Neutrino masses beyond the standard model
  • Theoretical predictions for neutrinoless double-beta decay
  • Double-beta decay experiments
  • Lepton flavor violation
  • Geoneutrinos
  • Signature of neutrino mass models at LHC
  • Sterile neutrinos


  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2017
  • - Article ID 6590489
  • - Editorial

Neutrino Masses and Oscillations 2015

Vincenzo Flaminio | Mauro Mezzetto | ... | Seon-Hee Seo
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 8640493
  • - Research Article

The Opportunity Offered by the ESSnuSB Project to Exploit the Larger Leptonic CP Violation Signal at the Second Oscillation Maximum and the Requirements of This Project on the ESS Accelerator Complex

E. Wildner | E. Baussan | ... | N. Vassilopoulos
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 5496103
  • - Review Article

T2K and Beyond

M. G. Catanesi
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 9153024
  • - Review Article

The Use of Low Temperature Detectors for Direct Measurements of the Mass of the Electron Neutrino

A. Nucciotti
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 2162659
  • - Review Article

Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: 2015 Review

Stefano Dell’Oro | Simone Marcocci | ... | Francesco Vissani
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 7064960
  • - Review Article

The Results of MINOS and the Future with MINOS+

A. Timmons
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2016
  • - Article ID 6194250
  • - Review Article

Current Status and Future Prospects of the SNO+ Experiment

S. Andringa | E. Arushanova | ... | K. Zuber
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2015
  • - Article ID 364392
  • - Review Article

The Antineutrino Energy Structure in Reactor Experiments

Pau Novella
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2015
  • - Article ID 271968
  • - Review Article

Measurement of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations with Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes

J. P. Yáñez | A. Kouchner
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2015
  • - Article ID 256351
  • - Review Article

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Maury Goodman
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