Table 1: A comparison of the proposed work with the existing works.

The workImplicit identity leakage channels used?Utility/privacy tradeoff?Approach adopted

Boyle et al. [1]NoNoGO
Senior et al. [3]NoNoSO
Moncrieff et al. [11]NoNoSO
Fidaleo et al. [4]NoNoSO
Wickramasuriya et al. [5]NoNoSO
Koshimizu et al. [6]NoNoSO
Spindler et al. [12]NoNoSO
Thuraisingham et al. [7]NoNoSO
Carrillo et al. [8]NoNoSO
Paruchuri et al. [9]NoNoSO
Qureshi [10]NoNoSO
Saini et al. [2]YesNoNo transformation
Proposed workYesYesSO and GO

SO: selective obfuscation; GO: global operations.