Input: A spatial image sequence
Output: Changed image sequence
(1) Compute the frame number of as len.
(2) Give the first frame of as the current frame .
(3) Give the following frame of as and calculate their attention regions and according to the method in Section 3.1.
(4) Divide and into image block ST with .
(5) Compute the transformed value of each ST using equation (8) and create hash tables.
(6) FOR the number of hash tables
FOR each transformed ST in
Obtain the expansion blocks according to spatial and temporal expansion rules;
Compute the nearest blocks using the equation (9) and (10);
Compute the value of pixels in ;
(7) Merge all the transformed ST.
(8) Compute interpolated frame by combining the attention region with non-attention region.
(9) Give the following frame of as .
(10) Repeat steps (3) to (9) until the frame number of the current frame is (len-1);
(11) Synthetic interpolated frames and original frames
Algorithm 1: Frame rate conversion algorithm.