Table 3: Responses to questions related to attitudes toward epilepsy.

QuestionsYes %No %Don’t Know %

(1) It is possible for a person with epilepsy to get married83.915.30.8
(2) PWE can get pregnant76.621.81.6
(3) PWE can drive safely50.847.61.6
(4) PWE can swim54.844.40.8
(5) PWE can get opportunities of appropriate occupation77.422.60.0
(6) PWE require lifelong treatment59.740.30.0
(7) PWE can have a collage education83.915.30.8
(8) PWE are insane2.497.60.0
(9) PWE have lower intelligence than other people2574.20.8
(10) Cure is achievable by magic/religious practices7.392.70.0

PWE: people with epilepsy.