Table 3: Average number of tropical storms with wind in excess of 33 knots during the August–November period simulated in fvCAM2.2 as shown in Figure 9. Percent change is shown in the 4th column relative to the 1990–1999 ensemble average. Student’s test statistic, calculated with 14 degrees of freedom is shown in the 5th column. The last column shows the level of confidence for the rejection of the null hypothesis of no change in the number of tropical storms.

Present no. of tropical stormsFuture no. of tropical stormsPercent changeStudent’s test statisticStatistical significance of change

Northern Hemisphere51.971.638%11.5>99.9%
Southern Hemisphere10.716.151%4.7>99.9%
North Pacific40.051.228%7.5>99.9%
North Atlantic5.18.670%5.6>99.9%
South Pacific0.72.6250%4.9>99.9%
Indian Ocean12.518.347%5.0>99.9%