Table 2: Names, data types, and locations of the DIRTMAP deposition data. The numbers on the left hand side of the first column correspond with those in Figure 5.

Site ID (numbers correspond with Figure 5).Data sourceLongitude (degrees)Latitude (degrees)

(1) ByrdIce core−120−80
(2) Camp centuryIce core−6177
(3) Dome CIce core124−75
(4) Dye 3Ice core−4465
(5) GRIP summitIce core−3873
(6) HuascaránIce core−78−9
(7) RenlandIce core−2771
(8) VostokIce core107−78
(9) SargassoMarine sediment trap−6432
(10) EastMarine sediment trap6915
(11) CastMarine sediment trap6514
(12) WastMarine sediment trap6016