Figure 3: Sr and Nd isotopic data from Jungfraujoch samples (JFJ, crosses) and from Colle Gnifetti ice core (CG, circles) as a function of the total aerosol surface, compared to dust values from Gobi desert, China loess, Greenland ice cores (empty circles: GISP2, filled circles: GRIP), <30 μm fraction of Atlantic sediments (filled diamond), North African and central-Sahara/Sahel derived aerosols recovered over the island of La Martinique (Caribbean, empty squares), and north African sand deposits (closed circles). The digital images of three filters, respectively, depleted in insoluble minerals (ca. 1710), enriched in Saharan dust (ca.1770) and enriched in fossil fuel combustion products (ca. 1925). Data sources: Biscaye et al. [24]; Grousset et al. [25]; Svensson et al. [8]; Delmonte et al. [10]; Grousset and Biscaye [6].