Table 3: The backward trajectory arrival date and source countries of the Sahara dust events collected at the Jungfraujoch (JFJ) Research Station, PM10 values and mean grain size.

Sample name Backward trajectory arrival date and origin (Figure 1)PM10 (μg/m3)Mean (μm)

I28.05.200820 hLibya, Tunisia26.2
J01.06.200817 hMorocco, Algeria, Tunisia124.0
A25.06.200823 hLibya, Tunisia, Algeria45.13.9
B07.08.20083 hMorocco9.84.0
C09.09.200818 hAlgeria27.93.9
D10.09.200818 hLibya, Tunisia, Algeria58.73.4
K11.09.200815 hAlgeria46.9
L13.10.200821 hAlgeria, Mali38.7
G13.05.200920 hLibya, Algeria193.8
H24.05.200923 hMorocco, Algeria22.24.3
E12.10.200923 hWest via Greenland1.1
F14.10.200912 hWest via Greenland1.3