Table 1: Serious landslide disaster records in Lanzhou from 2008 to 2012. It was recorded and supplied by the Lanzhou Bureau of Land and Resources.

Occurrence dateSiteTrigger factorCasualtiesEconomic losses (0.1 million CNY)

March 28, 2008Chengguan districtSnow and ice melt120.0
July 18, 2008Gaolan countyRainfall110.0
September 19, 2008Gaolan countyRainfall50
May 16, 2009Chengguan districtRainfall82060.0
September 14, 2009Chengguan districtRainfall380.0
September 15, 2009Qilihe districtRainfall30.0
October 22, 2009Qilihe districtRainfall130.0
August 16, 2010Honggu districtRainfall10
October 19, 2010Chengguan districtRainfall10
April 26, 2011Xigu districtRainfall100
August 29, 2011Yuzhong countyRainfall16
October 8, 2011Xigu districtRainfall86
March 17, 2012Chengguan districtSnow and ice melt600
April 20, 2012Yuzhong countyRainfall30
May 21, 2012Chengguan districtRainfall50
May 21, 2012Chengguan districtRainfall100

Source from Lanzhou Bureau of Land and Resources.