Research Article

Retrieving 3D Wind Field from Phased Array Radar Rapid Scans

Figure 3

Background wind fields (shown by white arrows) produced by the radar wind analysis system at 19 : 40 : 42 UTC at (a)  km and (b)  km superimposed on the KTLX reflectivity images at 0.5° and 3.3° tilts, respectively. The domain size is 160 × 160 × 8 km3 covered by an 81 × 81 × 32 grid centered at the KTLX radar site (marked by the blue dot). The blue + sign marks the PAR site. In panel (b), the red square box marks the nested domain used by the two-step SA method, and the yellow dashed line shows the radar beam direction from PAR along the 210.7° azimuth.