Advances in Meteorology / 2014 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Predicting Downward Longwave Radiation for Various Land Use in All-Sky Condition: Northeast Florida

Table 5

Comparison of model predictions with observed all-sky LWd data in dry season.

Statistical performance Model
NewMaykut and Church [7]Jacobs [8]Sugita and Brutsaert [20]Duarte et al. [12]

City of Deland
BIAS (Wm−2)−0.18−5.427.05−10.0922.37
RMSE (Wm−2)10.8112.7813.8618.5427.86
MAE (Wm−2)8.009.2610.9913.1524.00
PMRE (%)2.302.643.143.706.77

Orange Creek
BIAS (Wm−2)−2.61−8.062.78−14.1016.35
RMSE (Wm−2)14.4516.2215.9923.7125.85
MAE (Wm−2)10.6412.2712.3116.9020.48
PMRE (%)3.193.673.634.955.91

Lindsey Citrus
BIAS (Wm−2)−0.07−7.276.01−11.7622.33
RMSE (Wm−2)10.5313.8612.6419.4426.66
MAE (Wm−2)8.0310.559.9314.4022.97
PMRE (%)2.272.952.814.006.46

Ocklawaha Prairie
BIAS (Wm−2)−0.62−6.104.60−10.9418.45
RMSE (Wm−2)13.9715.7115.2720.8125.86
MAE (Wm−2)9.7611.1011.5814.9921.72
PMRE (%)2.873.413.234.306.34