Advances in Meteorology / 2014 / Article / Tab 9

Research Article

Predicting Downward Longwave Radiation for Various Land Use in All-Sky Condition: Northeast Florida

Table 9

Comparison of model predictions with observed all-sky LWd data in wet season.

Statistical performanceModel
NewMaykut and Church [7]Jacobs [8]Sugita and Brutsaert [20]Duarte et al. [12]

City of Deland
BIAS (W/m2)0.15−0.0216.50−3.0237.91
RMSE (W/m2)7.347.7920.018.4540.63
MAE (W/m2)5.926.2216.956.6537.93
PMRE (%)1.431.504.09 1.599.15

Orange Creek
BIAS (W/m2)−0.173.3220.30−0.8841.41
RMSE (W/m2)9.3610.9025.289.7045.39
MAE (W/m2)7.108.4021.527.3441.52
PMRE (%)1.762.085.31 1.8210.27

Lindsey Citrus
BIAS (W/m2)−0.37−7.036.15−8.4025.60
RMSE (W/m2)13.2315.0515.3416.1530.31
MAE (W/m2)8.5710.2911.0411.4327.03
PMRE (%)2.112.522.72 2.796.63

Ocklawaha Prairie
BIAS (W/m2)0.282.5216.340.1435.90
RMSE (W/m2)8.3610.1121.618.3740.15
MAE (W/m2)6.227.2417.166.2335.77
PMRE (%)1.561.814.251568.84