Table 3: Integrated criteria for identifying potentially dangerous glacial lakes.

IndexCriteriaFrequencies Weight

Type of glacial lakeEnd moraine-dammed lake100.15
Area of lakeLarger than 0.2 km2100.15
Distance between lake and its mother glacierSmaller than 500 m100.15
Average slope of glaciersLarger than 7 degree70.10
Slope of the downstreamLarger than 20 degree70.10
Top width of dam Less than 60 meters70.10
Area of glacierLarger than 2 km260.09
Slope between lake and its mother glacierLarger than 8 degree50.07
Change of lake areaLarger than 10% of decade 40.06
Elevation of lakeHigher than 5000 meters20.03