Advances in Meteorology / 2015 / Article / Fig 6

Research Article

Numerical Study of the Effects of Topography and Urbanization on the Local Atmospheric Circulations over the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China

Figure 6

Vertical cross section of simulated wind field of CNTL experiment from A to B in Figure 1(b), with the reference point (0, 0) located at the border (point O in Figure 1(b)) of land and sea. (a) 1200 LST 24 August, (b) 2200 LST 24 August, and (c) 0400 LST 25 August. The urban land use grids are indicated by the red dots, while the water land uses grids that are presented by the blue dots. To plot the vector field, the U and have been multiplied by a factor of 0.5 and 10, respectively, while the real value of is shown by the color shade background. The three cities from left to right are Tianjin (TJ), Langfang (LF), and Beijing (BJ), respectively.
(a) 1200
(b) 2200
(c) 0400