Advances in Meteorology / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Interpolation of Missing Precipitation Data Using Kernel Estimations for Hydrologic Modeling

Table 4

Details of SWAT parameters which are related to runoff mechanism for Imha watershed.

ParameterDescriptionSelected value

ESCOSoil evaporation compensation factor0.9500
EPCOPlant water uptake compensation factor1.0000
EVLAILeaf area index at which no evaporation occurs from water surface m2/m23.0000
FFCBInitial soil water storage expressed as a fraction of field capacity water content0.0000
IEVENTRainfall/runoff code: 0 = daily rainfall/CN0.0000
ICRKCrack flow code: 1 = model crack flow in soil0.0000
SURLAGSurface runoff lag time [days]4.0000
ADJ_PKRPeak rate adjustment factor for sediment routing in the subbasin (tributary channels)0.0000
PRFPeak rate adjustment factor for sediment routing in the main channel1.0000
SPCONLinear parameter for calculating the maximum amount of sediment that can be reentrained during channel sediment0.0001
SPEXPExponent parameter for calculating sediment reentrained in channel sediment routing1.0000