Advances in Meteorology / 2016 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Suitability of Water Harvesting in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: A First Step towards a Mesoscale Hydrological Modeling Framework

Table 5

The suitability levels for water harvesting of the total basin area (in percent) according to different weight combinations of influencing variables: suitability levels 1-2: low suitability, suitability level 3: moderate suitability, and suitability levels 4-5: high suitability.

Suitability levelCondition 1 Condition 2Condition 3Condition 4Condition 5

Note: condition 1 is with equal weighting among all factors; condition 2 places highest weight on rainfall and slope; condition 3 has highest weight assigned to rainfall; condition 4 has highest weight assigned to slope;  and  condition 5 differentiates among all four factors, with rainfall being the most important.