Advances in Meteorology / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Future Changes in Drought Characteristics under Extreme Climate Change over South Korea

Table 2

Five major watersheds' ID and area (km2) for drought analysis.

Basin nameIDArea (km2)

Han River1023,293
Anseong Stream111,659
West of Han River121,993
East of Han River133,338
Nakdong River2023,702
Hyeongsan River211,140
Taehwa River22661
East of Nakdong River242,895
South of Nakdong River252,449
Geum River309,914
Sapgyo Stream311,668
West of Geum River322,932
Mangyeong, Dongjin333,023
Seomjin River404,914
South of Seomjin River413,385
Yeongsan River503,470
Tamjin River51506
South of Yeongsan River521,507
West of Yeongsan River532,117