Table 4: Statistics of the point verification of precipitation forecast for the 3 simulated domains and 6 combinations of parametrizations, including the control experiment, average of all the stations considered.


1: 18 kmB (mm/day)7.3512.086.636.827.978.73
RMSE (mm/day)13.5917.0812.4112.4914.2714.03
MAE (mm/day)10.1713.849.379.6310.6211.18

2: 6 kmB (mm/day)6.016.715.784.666.066.19
RMSE (mm/day)12.1611.6711.7610.6212.3512.28
MAE (mm/day)

3: 3 kmB (mm/day)5.315.715.463.684.875.98
RMSE (mm/day)11.6910.2111.310.0211.6812.17
MAE (mm/day)

The smaller errors are given in bold.