Research Article

Increase of Extreme Drought over Ethiopia under Climate Warming

Table 1

List of the ETCCDI extremes investigated in this study.

ElementsIndex nameDefinitionUnits

TemperatureTMAXmeanAnnual maximum temperature mean°C
TMINmeanAnnual minimum temperature mean°C
SU25Annual count when TX (daily maximum) > 25°Cdays
TR20Annual count when TN (daily minimum) > 20°Cdays
TXxMonthly maximum value of daily maximum temp.°C
TNxMonthly maximum value of daily minimum temp.°C
TXnMonthly minimum value of daily maximum temp.°C
TNnMonthly value of daily minimum temp. when TX > 90th percentile°C
DTRMonthly mean difference between TX and TN°C
WSDIAnnual count of days with at least 6 consecutive days when TN > 90th percentiledays

PrecipitationRX1dayMonthly maximum 1-day precipitationmm
RX5dayMonthly maximum consecutive 5-day precipitationmm
SDIIAnnual total precipitation divided by the number of wet days (defined as PRCP ≥ 1.0 mm) in the yearmm/day
R10Annual count of days when PRCP ≥ 10 mmdays
R20Annual count of days when PRCP ≥ 20 mmdays
R25Annual count of days when PRCP ≥ 25 mmdays
CDDMaximum number of consecutive days with RR < 1 mmdays
CWDMaximum number of consecutive days with RR ≥ 1 mmdays
R95pAnnual total PRCP when PR > 95th percentilemm
R99pAnnual total PRCP when PR > 99th percentilemm
PRCPTOTAnnual total PRCP in wet days (RR ≥ 1 mm)mm

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