Research Article

Characteristics of the South China Sea Monsoon from the Onset to Withdrawal before and after 1993/94

Figure 3

(a) Time series of 5-day running mean 850 hPa zonal wind (m/s) averaged over the South China Sea (110°–120°E, 10°–20°N). The black, red, and blue curves are climatological years, typical late-onset years during 1979–1993, and typical early-onset years during 1994–2016, respectively. (b) Time series of the standardized OLR (red; W/m2) in the onset pentad and zonal wind growth intensity (U(P1) − U(P0); blue; m/s) over the SCS (110°–120°E, 10°–20°N) from 1979 to 2016.