Figure 6: (a), (b), (c): Interferogram contrast 𝐶 ( 𝑡 ) of the photoluminescence signal of a single InAs/GaAs quantum dot at 10 K, on semilogarithmic plots, for three different incident powers: 0.18 (a), 0.72 (b), and 2.88 kW·cm 2 (c). Data (squares), system response function (dotted line), theoretical fits (solid line) obtained by the convolution of the system response function with 𝜙 𝐺 𝑁 ( 𝑡 ) . (d) Fitting parameter Σ 𝜏 𝑐 versus incident power. Data (symbols), and calculations (solid lines) are plotted as a function of incident power, on a semilogarithmic scale.