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Clinical Study

Relationship between Painful Crisis and Serum Zinc Level in Children with Sickle Cell Anaemia

Table 2

Relationship between zinc content of 24-hour dietary recall and mean serum zinc level.

Zinc content of mealMean serum zinc concentration g/dL (± SD)-value
Genotype AASickle cell anaemia
Steady statePainful crisis

Low45.030.7 (12.1)33.9 (20.7).8
Moderate41.1 (17.2)40.8 (14.0)24.8 (10.5)18.4.000
High43.3 (12.5)37.6 (13.7)28.5 (11.4)9.9.000

Only one subject in the control group had low zinc item and was removed from the statistical analysis; therefore, student -test was used to compare the mean zinc level between sickle cell anaemia subjects in steady state and painful crisis in the first row.