Figure 2: Time- and dose-related iron uptake and ROS generation by RBCs and reticulocytes. Normal peripheral blood cells were labeled, suspended in their autologous plasma and incubated with or without FeSO4 (FAS) as described in the legends to Figure 1. (a, c) Labeled cells were incubated with or without 20 μM FAS for the indicated durations. (b, d) Labeled cells were incubated with the indicated concentrations of FAS for 1 hr. The results of iron uptake (a, b) and ROS generation (c, d) in RBCs () and retics (■) are expressed as the percent (%) change (mean ± SD, 𝑁 = 4 ) in the MFIs following incubation with and without Fe, calculated per the MFI−Fe.