Clinical Study

Nutrition and Iron Status of 1-Year Olds following a Revision in Infant Dietary Recommendations

Table 4

Multiple regression analysis of weight growth and food factors influencing change in iron status indices.

Dependent variable At 12 monthsIndependent variableBoysGirls
95% Conf interval of B95% Conf interval of B
BLower BoundUpper BoundBLower BoundUpper Bound

Log SFLength gain, cm (0–12 months)−0.0823−0.150−0.014
Weight gain, 100 g (0–6 months)−0.0201−0.040−0.001−0.0122−0.0270.003
Weight gain, 100 g (0–12 months)−0.0174−0.032−0.0030.00454−0.0160.007
Formula g/per day at 12 months0.00077−0.0000620.00160.000770.000190.0014
Porridge g/per day at 9 months0.01240.0020.023
Bread g/per day at 9 months−0.0113−0.017−0.005

HbMeat intake g/per day at 9 months0.1270.0430.211
Breastfeeding duration (mo)−0.919−1.473−0.365
Formula g/per day at 12 months0.01450.0040.025
Fruit intake g/per day at 12 months0.03840.0090.068
Dairy intake g/per day at 12 months0.03190.0030.061
Iron intake mg/per day at 9 months0.8790.2241.534

MCVBreastfeeding duration (mo)−0.261−0.5150.003
Iron intake mg/per day at 12 months0.2970.0610.534
Vitamin C intake mg/per day at 9 months0.03590.0080.064

Adjusted for birth weight.
—No association found.