Figure 1: Externalization of PS and aggregation of band 3 induced by PKC 𝛼 activator (PMA) and inhibitors (30  𝜇 M rottlerin-R30 and Gö 6976). Flow cytometry of annexinV-bound cells shows significant (*) increased percentage of cells with externalized PS upon treatment with (a) PMA, R30 (Wicoxon signed rank test; 𝑛 = 1 0 ) as well as (c) with Gö 6976(paired t-test, 𝑛 = 1 0 ). A signal for aggregated band 3 above 130 kDa (indicated by arrow) is seen in western blot of erythrocyte membrane proteins immunostained with band 3 antibody only in cells treated with (b) R30 (represented in sample N16) and (d) Gö 6976 (represented by N42).