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Research Article

A Dutch Fanconi Anemia FANCC Founder Mutation in Canadian Manitoba Mennonites

Table 1

The haplotype associated with the FANCC c.67delG mutation determined in 15 patients of Dutch ancestry (Table 1(a)) and in the affected sib of the proband, the parents, and healthy sibs of the Mennonite kindred (Table 1(b)). In Table 1(a) simplified, deducted allele lengths are shown and in Table 1(b) the observed allele lengths are shown. For comparison, patient VU1135 is included in both tables. The dark grey boxes shows the smallest common haplotype of 0.8 Mb. The light and dark grey box, together show the larger common haplotype of 2 Mb. The boxed areas indicate homozygosity for the relevant markers. At the top, the distances in Mb of the markers to the c.67delG mutation are indicated. Patients VU001 and VU002 are siblings as well as patients VU1134, VU1135, and VU1136.