Table 1: Photovoltaic properties of the DSCs with MWNT-PTh/PMII composite electrolyte and with bare PMII electrolyte using Pt/ITO and bare ITO as counterelectrode.a

ElectrolyteCounterelectrode 𝐽 s c (mA cm−2) 𝑉 o c (V)FFη(%)

Liquid electrolyte bPt/ITO15.40.700.737.86

aConditions: sealed cells; dye: N719; coadsorbate: DCA 40 mM; photoelectrode: TiO2 (15 μm thickness and 0.25 cm2); irradiated light: AM 1.5 solar light (100 mW cm−2). 𝐽 s c : short-circuit photocurrent density; 𝑉 o c : open-circuit photovoltage; FF: fill factor; η: total power conversion efficiency.
bLiquid electrolyte was composed of 0.6 M dimethylpropyl-imidazolium iodide (DMPII), 0.05 M I2, and 0.1 M LiI in acetonitrile.