Clinical Study

Pirogow’s Amputation: A Modification of the Operation Method

Table 2

Modified Ankle and Hindfoot Score (AOFAS) with consideration given to the lack of ankle function and more weight given to functional and radiological criteria based on Taniguchi (Ankle Score) [15].

CriteriaAssessment (point total)

PainPain free (40)Light (30)Moderate (20)Strong (10)
Functional criteria
 Walking distanceUnrestricted (20)2 km (15)500 m–2 km (10)At home (5)
 LimpingNo Limping (4)Moderate (2)Unable to walk (0)
 Going up stairsUnrestricted (4) Holding the railing (2)N.m. (0)
 Going down stairsUnrestricted (4) Holding the railing (2)N.m. (0)
 Standing on one leg Unrestricted (4) With support (2)N.m. (0)
 Cross-leggedUnrestricted (4) With support (2)N.m. (0)
Radiological criteria
 Bone atrophyNone (5)Trabecula atrophy (3)Necrosis (0)
 Plantar soft tissue>2 cm (5)1-2 cm (3)<1 cm (0)
Leg length differenceNone (5)<2 cm (3)>2 cm (0)
Mobility w/out a prosthesisUnrestricted (5)>10 m (3) <10 m (0)

Total points (100)Excellent (>80)Good (60–79)Satisfactory (40–59)Unsatisfactory (<40)