Review Article

Elbow Dislocations: A Review Ranging from Soft Tissue Injuries to Complex Elbow Fracture Dislocations

Figure 1

(a) Dorsal view to an anatomic elbow preparation. The posterior lateral ulnar collateral ligament (LUCL) and the posterior medial ulnar collateral ligament (MUCL) are visible. The posterior part of the ligamentum annulare with its insertion to the ulnar and the above lying distal part of the LCL can be seen. (b) Ventral view to an anatomic elbow preparation with demonstration of the anterior medial ulnar collateral ligament (aMUCL). The plane joint surface of the anteromedial facet of the olecranon can be seen, which has a buttress function in varus and valgus stress. (c) Lateral view to an anatomical elbow preparation with an illustration of the lateral collateral ligament complex (LCL) which is formed by the annular ring running to the radial epicondyle humeri.