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ElectroComponent Science and Technology
Volume 7, Issue 1-3, Pages 63-67

Current Noise of Resin Type and Cermet Type Thick Film Resistors

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Tainan, China

Received 1 June 1979

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The current noise indices (C.N.I.) depend linearly on the logarithmic values of sheet resistivity (logρS), in both carbon black/resin and thallium oxide/glass resistors, and can be expressed as C.N.I.=A+BlogρS. The geometrical dependency on C.N.I. in both types of resistor can be expressed as C.N.I.=ABlog(L,W,T), where A, B, A′ and B′ are constants. The dependency of noise e.m.f. (νn) on the applied dc voltage (V), i.e., the values of α in νn2¯Vα, can be obtained from the slope of C.N.I. versus log(L) lines, associated with a model based on the noise generator approximation.