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Active and Passive Electronic Components
Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 59-61

Comment on the Dependence of R and Current Noise on Grain Size in Thick Film Resistors (TFR's)

Zentralinstitut für Festkorperphysik und Werkstofforschung der Akademie der Vdissenschaften der DDR, Dresden DDR-8027, Germany

Received 3 September 1984; Accepted 6 November 1984

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The heterogeneous structure of TFR's results in high resistivities and high current noise. Accepting models of conduction in TFR's, according to which the resistivity is determined by a resistance independent of bulk-resistivity of a metallic-like component, it will be shown, that R and Ceff*(describing current noise behaviour) increase with d and d3, respectively, when d is the grain size. On the other hand, both quantities depend on the volume fraction of the metallic component in the same manner. This leads to the conclusion, that a general dependence in the form Ceff*= f(R) cannot exist.