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Active and Passive Electronic Components
Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 245-249

Evaporation of Adherent Al-Films on Single Crystalline LiNbO3 Substrates

Department of Electrotechnics, Technical University, Wismar 0-2400, Germany

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LiNbO3 is used as a single crystalline substrate material for the manufacturing of surface acoustic wave devices as frequency selective components. On the polished substrate wafer, Al with a film thickness of about 400 nm is evaporated in a high vacuum.

The difficulties of the inadequate adhesion of the structured Al-film were eliminated by systematical investigations. Films that were adherent to the total surface could be prepared by evaporating an intermediate film of Cr or SiOx or, otherwise, a mixed film of Al with Si.

An ultrasonic test for adhesion strength was developed that results in an assessment of local and also large-area film adhesion.