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Active and Passive Electronic Components
Volume 15 (1993), Issue 3-4, Pages 165-175

Magnetic Shielding With High-Tc (YBa2Cu3O7-δ)1-xAgx Superconducting Tubes

1Institut de Physique Expérimentale, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne CH-1015, Switzerland
2Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne CH-1015, Switzerland

Received 15 November 1992; Accepted 16 December 1992

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We present typical results of experiments carried out in (YBaCuO)1-xAgx tubular samples, for different values of the silver concentration x, having in mind the possible use of this material as a magnetic shield. We measured the times governing the dynamics of magnetic flux penetration, on a microsecond time-scale, and tried to correlate them with d.c. measurements of the resistivity and the critical transport current density, using a simple theoretical model based on the flux-flow régime.