Table 1: Comparison between “ten-year plan,” the “three-million plan” and the presently available health infrastructure.

“Ten-year plan” (targets to be met at the end of ten years)“Three-million plan”Present available infrastructure
Population normMedical officersHospitalPopulation normMedical officersHospitalPopulation per facilityMedical officersHospital bed norms##

Primary unit40,000215 beds20,000 population675 beds34 and 641.3**1.24 beds
Secondary unit5,00,00017200 beds6,00,000 population140650 beds1, 72, and 375**3.330
District headquarters/bigger secondary units7,50,000500 beds* (1.03/1000) 30,00,000
2682,500 beds (5.67/1000) 17, 45, and 152 approximately#100 to 500 beds (0.9/1000)

Note: the “three-million plan” laid down the required health infrastructure to provide for the health needs of an average district in India having a population of three million. This was to be implemented over a period of three to four decades. Anticipating resource constraints, both in terms of manpower and money to make such an infrastructure available in a short time, the committee recommended a shorter “ten-year plan” to be implemented first.
Source: details of the “ten-year plan” and “three-million plan” have been obtained from chapters III and IV of the Government of India [1]: “Report of the Health Development and Survey Committee (Bhore Committee), Vol. II,” Government of India Press. *In the “ten-year plan,” the Bhore committee did not recommend setting up of a district level tertiary health set-up. Instead, 4 of the 200-bed secondary units in the districts were to be elevated to the level of 500-bed secondary units.
**Figures obtained from Table  11 of the “Rural Health Bulletin, 2012,” Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India [2].
#Figure has been obtained by dividing the total population of the country in 2011 by the number of district hospitals.
##Obtained from Rural Health Bulletin, 2012, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare [2].
Figures in parenthesis are the beds per thousand population set to be achieved in the “ten-year plan” and “three-million plan” and the ratio at present in India.