Advances in Preventive Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Effectiveness of Couple-Based HIV Counseling and Testing for Women Substance Users and Their Primary Male Partners: A Randomized Trial

Table 5

Comparison of proportions and means between couples-based HIV-CT and control conditions on selected risk behaviors at 9-month followup. statistic for differences in count data by treatment based on zero-inflated negative binomial regression.

Prior to 3-month self-reported HIV risk behavior at 9-month followup assessment Couples HIV-CT (n)Control HIV-CT (n)Estimate (SE)t statisticP value

Injection risk with primary partnera
 % receptive syringe sharingb12.4 (18)11.7 (13).90
 # times receptive syringe sharingc1.4 (18)8.3 (13)−1.47 (0.40)−3.73.0002
Vaginal sex risk with primary partner
 % unprotected vaginal sex75.0 (81)82.6 (94).72
 % condom use (vaginal sex)23.5 (81)21.3 (94).86
 # unprotected vaginal sex acts 15.4 (81)22.2 (94)−0.37 (0.24)−1.51.13
Anal sex risk with primary partner
 % unprotected anal sex19.8 (81)14.9 (94).43
 % condom use (anal sex)d27.8 (18)35.7 (14).71
 # unprotected anal sex acts0.7 (81)5.7 (94)−2.13 (0.75)−2.83.005
Sexual risk with secondary partner(s)
 % with secondary partner(s)19.8 (81)20.2 (94).99
 % condom use (secondary partner)e79.0 (16)68.8 (19).70
 # of secondary partners0.8 (81)0.4 (94)0.70 (0.47)1.49.14
Injection risk with nonprimary partner
 % who injected with NP partner(s)9.9 (81)5.3 (94).27
 # times receptive syringe sharingf0.1 (8) 1.4 (5)−2.45 (1.41)−1.73.08

Subsample of injection drug users.
bFisher’s exact test used to assess differences in proportions between treatment conditions.
cRaw means shown for each treatment group. T statistic based on zero-inflated negative binomial regression for count data to assess group differences.
dSubsample of women reporting anal sex with primary partners.
eSubsample of women reporting at least 1 secondary sex partner.
fSubsample of women who injected with persons other than their primary sex partner.