Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences / 2012 / Article / Fig 5

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Allosteric Modulation of Beta1 Integrin Function Induces Lung Tissue Repair

Figure 5

(a) The location of JB1a epitope as mapped by Ni and Wilkins [15] produced using polyview 3D as described in [18] FRET analyses demonstrating. (b) the baseline conformation of beta1 integrin and following Mn2+-induced integrin activation. The effect of JB1a (c), K20 (d), and B44 (e) on integrin at baseline and on Mn2+-induced integrin activation detected by FRET using the LDV-FITC small molecule and R18 in Jurkat cells. LDV binding is plotted as mean channel fluorescence (MCF) versus time.