Table 1: Geographic origin, main plant sources, and chemical compounds [7].

Sr. no.Geographic originPlant sourceMain bioactive compoundsReference

1Europe, North America, and nontropic regions of AsiaPopulus spp., most often P. nigra L.Polyphenols[3]
2RussiaBetula verrucosa Ehrh. Polyphenols[3]
3BrazilBaccharis spp., predominantly B. dracunculifolia DC. Prenylated p-coumaric acids, diterpenic acids[7]
4Cuba, VenezuelaClusia spp. Polyprenylated benzophenones[89]
5Pacific region (Okinawa, Taiwan)UnknownC-prenylflavanones Furofuran lignans[90]
6Canary IslandsUnknownFurofuran lignans[15]
7KenyaUnknownPolyphenols[29, 30]
8Greece and CyprusUnknownFlavonoids, terpenes[31]