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Review Article

The Genus Spilanthes Ethnopharmacology, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Properties: A Review

Table 1

Reported uses of genus Spilanthes in ethnopharmacological surveys.

Name of the plantType of usePopulation or geographic zonePart used and methodReferences

Spilanthes acmella L.Toothache and throat complaintsIndiaFlowers and leaves[23]
Spilanthes acmella Murr.Toothache, insecticidal, colic, gastrointestinal disorders.
Dried leaves are strewn around the home to ward off insect pests; a combination of leaf and flower juice is taken for colic
BangladeshFlowers and leaves[92]
Pain which includes headache, toothache, and muscle painBangladesh[93]
CoughHaryana, IndiaWhole plant[94]
Head infections accompanied by itchinessJamalpur District, Bangladesh[92]
ToothacheHasanur Hills, Erode, Tamil Nadu, IndiaFlowers [95]
Spilanthes acmella (L.) MurrayAnticancer agentIndonesiaEntire plant Indonesia[96]

Spilanthes clava L.Toothache and throat complaints Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaLeaf[24]
Teeth were brushed with flowers as remedy for toothacheBangladeshFlowers[92]

Spilanthes calva DC.Toothache and throat complaintsTheni District, Tamil Nadu, IndiaFlower[25]
Dry cough Tribals of Nandurbar District, Maharashtra, IndiaTwo to three inflorescences crushed and mixed in a spoon with honey taken twice a day for 2-3 days[97]
Tuberculosis Chakma tribe in Hill Tracts Districts of BangladeshRoot juice[98]
PainPalani Hills of Tamil Nadu, IndiaCrushed head inflorescence[90]

Spilanthes uliginosa Sore throats and gums and in paralysis of the tongueIndiaFlower[20]

Spilanthes acmella Murr.Placed in tooth cavities to relieve painKelantan, MalaysiaPounded flowers[26]
Decotion of roots and leaves is used as gargle for tooth painPhilippinesRoots and leaves[99]
Toothache and dysenterySaurashtra region, Gujarat, IndiaFlower[100]
Leucorrhoea, toothache, anti-inflammatory, astringent, stop bleeding from gums, dysentery, antibacterial, and anemiaVhabaniganj village, Bogra District, BangladeshLeaves and flowers[101]

Spilanthes acmella L.Ulcer in mouthKarnataka, IndiaJuice of inflorescence [102]

Spilanthes calva DC.Toothache and on boils and woundsNagarcoil, IndiaFruit dried, powdered, and mixed with coconut oil [28]
Dental cariesNandurbar District, Maharashtr, IndiaRoot and flower head[103]

Spilanthes oleracea Curing stammering, toothache, stomatitis, and throat complaintsIndiaLeaves and flowers decoction[104]

Spilanthes acmella SialagogueSri LankaFlowers tincture[11]

Spilanthes uliginosa SialagogueNigeria and CameroonFlower[30]

Spilanthes acmella Diuretic activity and the ability to dissolve urinary calculiUva Province, Sri LankaCold infusion flowers[11]

Spilanthes leiocarpa DC.Diuretic activityAndean people of Canta, Lima, PeruLeaves and flowers infusion[105]

Spilanthes calva Cuts and mud infectionBhaudaha, Morang, NepalLeaves[106]
Cough, cold, and gingivitisNawalparasi District, NepalFlowers[107]

Spilanthes uliginosa External injury, crushed paste dressing EthiopiaAerial parts[29]

Spilanthes callimorpha A. H. MooreDermatitisYunnan Province, ChinaAerial part [108]

Spilanthes africana DC.Induce labor during childbirthWestern UgandaAerial part[31]

Spilanthes callimorpha A. H. MooreAmenorrheaHong Kong Whole plant[32]

Spilanthes mauritiana DC.Aphrodisiac, treatment of convulsions in children with malaria feverMwanga District, TanzaniaFresh plant[109]

Spilanthes filicaulis SnakebiteGhanaAerial parts [33]
EmeticBenin City, NigeriaLeaves[110]

Spilanthes acmella L.Snakebite and rheumatic feverEntire plant[34]

Spilanthes caulirhiza (Delile) DC.Common coldMasango, GabonLeaves are chewed [111]

Spilanthes acmella Murr.Fortifier for infantsMadagascarLeaves soup[112]

Spilanthes africana  DC.HypertensionBafia region, CameroonPaste mixed with other plants[113]

Spilanthes mauritiana DC.Convulsions in children malaria, pneumonia, and tonsillitisLeaves[114]
RwandaWhole plant[115]

Spilanthes filicaulis Jacq.Peptic ulcer and treatment of tooth decayCameroonAerial parts[27]
Genital infectionsBaham, CameroonWhole plant[116]

Spilanthes acmella (L.) MurrayUsed as an anticancer agentIndonesiaEntire plant[117]

Spilanthes filicaulis Intestinal diseases and diarrhoeaMbalmayo, CameroonLeaves[118]

Spilanthes paniculata DC.ConstipationApatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India Leaves[24]
Constipation, liver trouble, toothache, worm infection, and as tonic during jaundiceAssam, IndiaYoung stem and leaf
For the treatment of intestinal worms, constipation, and toothacheApatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaLeaves[119]

Spilanthes paniculata  Wall. DC.Skin diseaseMt.Yinggelin, Hainan Island, ChinaFlowers[120]

Spilanthes paniculata L.Toothache, cough, and feverThe Nocte, the Nyishi and the Adi in the Eastern Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaLeaf, water decoction [121]

Spilanthes paniculata ToothacheTripuri, IndiaFresh whole plant[122]
Toothache, tooth infections Flowers are chewed followed by closing of the mouth for 5 minutes followed by gargling with waterBarisal District, BangladeshFlowers[123, 124]
Worm infectionAssam, IndiaLeaf and flower extracts[123, 124]
Decoction of plant is used in dysentery and rheumatism and tincture of flowers relieves toothacheNoakhali District, BangladeshWhole plant flowers[125]
CutsAmazonian EcuadorLeaves[126]

Spilanthes oleracea Linn.MalariaMaliFlower decoction [35]

Spilanthes oleracea  Jacq.Antitrypanocidal MaliFlower decoction[36]

Spilanthes filicaulis Chest pain, eczema, guinea worm, stomach problems, headache, cough, and toothache; an enema for side pain; used to coagulate blood; rubbed on skin as a local anaesthesiaCameroonEntire plant[37]
Toothache, stomach ache, gastritis, and malariaBabungo, Northwest Region, CameroonWhole plant[127]

Spilanthes callimorpha A. H. MooreFertility regulating agentChinaAerial part[32]

Spilanthes acmella Murr.Soup and as a fortifier for infantsBetsimisaraka and Tanala people of MadagascarLeaves[112]

Spilanthes  acmella (L.) MurrayGet rid of unpleasant symptoms of the alcoholic hangoverBrazilLeaves[128]

Spilanthes americana (Mutis) HieronCough San Jose Succotz in Belize, ArgentinaPrepare a tea from the leaves and drink[129]