Table 1: Effect of norfloxacin on fetuses obtained from pregnant female rats after repeated oral administration of 500, 1000, and 2000 mg norfloxacin/kg b wt from 6th to 15th day of pregnancy once daily ( ).

ParametersControl group500 mg/kg·b·wt
1000 mg/kg·b·wt
2000 mg/kg·b·wt

Number of female rats10101010
Number of viable fetuses91 (100%)80 (98.88%)61 (89.71%)39 (68.42%)
Number of dead fetuses002 (2.94%)7 (12.28%)
Number of resorbed fetuses01 (1.23%)5 (7.35%)11 (19.30%)
Total used91816857
Fetal body weight (gm)
Fetal crown-rump length (cm)

%: percent in relation to the total number of examined fetuses.