Research Article

Antihyperglycemic Activity of Eucalyptus tereticornis in Insulin-Resistant Cells and a Nutritional Model of Diabetic Mice

Figure 5

Effect of the fraction 2-4-25 enriched in compound 1 on glucose uptake in C2C12 cells. (a) Thin-layer chromatography. Fraction F2-4 was separated again on a silica gel column. Subfraction 22 shows a large amount of triterpenes; pure compound 1 obtained from subfractions 25 and 26 after TLC. (b) 2-4-25 fraction rich in compound 1 increases glucose uptake. . versus control, Student t-test. (c) Structure of compound 1: 3β-hydroxy-urs-11-en-28,13β-olide.