Advances in Polymer Technology / 2021 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Preliminary Testing to Determine the Best Process Parameters for Polymer Laser Sintering of a New Polypropylene Polymeric Material

Table 7

Experimentally determined and manufacturer’s process parameters for Laser PP CP 60, based on mechanical properties of built tensile test specimens.

Temp. of the removal chamber (°C)Temp. of the building bed (°C)Layer thickness (mm)Hatch distance (mm)Scanning speed fill (mm/s)Laser power fill (W)Scanning speed contour/edges (mm/s)Laser power contour/edges (W)

Experimentally determined parameters1251250.150.25450034.7150021.3
Manufacturer specified parameters115120-1250.150.25450035.0150020.0