Figure 2: The contribution of free gas vesicles to light scattering at 600 nm. Gas vesicles were purified as described in Materials and Methods. To replicate the concentration of viable cells at points a and b (Figure 1) cells grown to O D 6 0 0 = 0 . 4 were concentrated to O D 6 0 0 = 1 . 0 and O D 6 0 0 = 0 . 5 , respectively. These OD600 represent a baseline of scattering form lightly-vacuolated/non-lysed cells at equivalent CFUs to points a and b in Figure 1. Purified gas vesicles were added to concentrated cells in amounts corresponding to the product of either 40, 80, 120 GV/cell and the total number of cells that were expected to have lysed between points x and a, and x and b. OD600 of the cell/GV mixtures was remeasured. Observed OD600 values from Figure 1 (points A and B), in addition to mixture OD600 are plotted as bar charts. OD600 values are included above each column.