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Molecular Characterization of Copper and Cadmium Resistance Determinants in the Biomining Thermoacidophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus metallicus

Table 2

Proteins upregulated in S. metallicus cells exposed to 100 mM Cu or 1 mM Cd.

SpotMolecular weight (kDa)Cu induction levelsPutative function Microorganism relatedAccesion number

126.6Proteasome subunit S. solfataricus AAK41034
370.1Ferredoxin oxidoreductase S. solfataricus AAK42926
442.9Alcohol dehydrogenase S. solfataricus AAK43154
5352.6Hypothetical proteinS. acidocaldarius YP_254976
627Hypothetical protein P. aerophilum NP_559889
957Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase M. thermautotrophicus AAB85466
2046.1Glutamate dehydrogenase S. solfataricus AAK42230
2145Hypothetical protein M. acetivorans NP_618380.1
2249Hypothetical proteinP. torridus YP_022807
2351ATP synthase subunit B S. solfataricus AAK40880
2458.5HSP60 subunit S. shibatae AAG37273.1
3214.4NDPutative transcription regulator S. solfataricus AAK40413
3313.8NDTranscription factor nusA S. solfataricus AAK40563

Spots refer to those numbered in Figure 2. Proteins in Figure 2 which are not included in this table were not subjected to sequencing due to their low intensities in the gels.
Spot up-regulated in cells exposed to Cu and Cd.
ND: not determined.
Infinity symbol indicates that proteins were expressed only in presence of copper or cadmium.
M. thermoautotrophicus: Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicus; M. acetivorans: Methanosarcina acetivorans; S. shibatae: Sulfolobus shibatae; P. torridus: Picrophilus torridus; P. aerophilum: Pyrobaculum aerophilum; S. acidocaldarius: Sulfolobus acidocaldarius.